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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software Selection

ERP selection is a critical process that a company embarks on when it decides to implement a new ERP software.  ERP implementation is one of the largest IT initiatives that a company will take up, requiring an intense resource utilization. Studies have shown that the failure rate for ERP implementations is alarmingly high and the reason for a significant portion of these failures have been traced back to poor execution of the ERP selection process.

We are independent and technology agnostic and execute a software selection methodology that results in an unbiased recommendation of ERP software.

Our recommendation will of involve evaluation of:

  • the functional fitness of the ERP to the current business needs
  • how well the ERP will support the evolving business needs as your company traverses its growth path
  • not only the ERPs that are within your implementation budget but also those that are outside of it to ensure that the best functional fit is weighed against the cost of ownership to help make the right decision
  • total cost of ownership including support expense
  • market stability and technical strength of the ERP vendor and its growth path for the ERP solution
  • ERP vendors to ensure the vendor project team has the appropriate skills

ERP Implementation

With a team led by professionals having over 20 years of experience in the ERP world and having architected, developed and implemented multiple ERP software, we are passionate about helping our clients successfully implement ERP solutions.

By its very purpose, ERP software will impact almost every department within an organization. Needless to say, the stakes are high. So it’s critical that for an ERP implementation to be successful. Unfortunately, there is a large percentage of failures. There are several reasons cited for these failures: unrealistic project timeline, under estimation of resource requirements, schedule delays, cost overruns etc. In our experience,  a lot of these reasons arose due to a significant disconnect between the business users and the technical team.

Our strength is the our technical experience in the ERP world coupled with our ability to understand and digest the business processes.

Process Optimization

We will analyze company’s existing business processes, people and systems to identify gaps and inefficiencies in each of these areas.  We will develop an custom integrated solution aimed at optimizing the entire business process.

Custom Software Solution

In order to save clients resources, we always start with exploring existing software solutions that meets client needs.  If the right solution for you is not available, we can help you build it. We have expertise in cost effective custom software development and project management.

Mobile Solution

We have expertise in designing and integrating mobile software solutions with your current system.  Our mobile solutions support iOS, Android, Blackberry OS and Windows.